Potli Productions conducted an engaging workshop on ‘What Makes Us What we are’ with students of GNK Group of Institutions, Yamunangar (Haryana) on February 15, 2024. This engaging session aimed to help students explore their individual strengths, areas for growth, and align their actions with their life’s purpose. The workshop saw enthusiastic participation from students across various departments, featured interactive activities designed to facilitate self-discovery, career planning, and the creation of actionable plans for personal development. Led by Ms. Deepali from the Potli Productions team, the session received positive feedback from both students and faculty members.

Appreciating the design of the workshop, Dr. Peer Ghulam Nabi, COO – GNK Group of Institutions shared, “Our institute values initiatives that promote creative thinking and equip students in making well-informed career choices. The workshop conducted by Potli Productions aligns perfectly with our vision of nurturing students’ holistic growth and making them globally competent.”

Ms. Deepali shared her thoughts on the workshop, stating, “This introductory session was just the beginning of a series of strategically designed interventions aimed at enhancing students’ capacity to make informed decisions and foster their holistic development.”

Potli Productions specializes in utilizing engaging creative thinking and self-expression platforms to help students realize their true potential and shape their career trajectories accordingly. Through innovative workshops and interventions, Potli Productions aims to empower students to navigate important life decisions with confidence and clarity.