By Indra Raina

Someone has rightly said that a child without grandparents is like a bird without wings. A child without a grandmother is just like a paddy without water. The grandchildren are the recharging battery in the life of grandparents. The grandparents love their grandchildren sometimes much more than their children also. Grand Children also like the company of grandparents. They feel security and affection in their company. They are emotionally attached and soulful connection connects them throughout their life.

 But in the present times, because of various constraints, the grandchildren don’t get to spend much time with their grandparents. The growing shift towards the nuclear family system has also impacted this bond. Children are more attached to electronic devices such as mobile, TV, etc. But a personal conversation is missing.

There is certainly a need to re-instill this bond with grandchildren. One of the ways that we have experienced for ages is by listening to stories. A routine must be created in the families if possible where grandparents share some traditional stories and recipes with grandchildren. The children will not only cherish these experiences but also remain in touch with the roots of their own culture.

Sometimes grandchildren share deep secrets with their grandparents which is a very important and uninhibited space for free expression and addressing any concerns. Even when grandchildren are not in the arms or lap of grandparents, they are still in their hearts forever. If the grandchildren are very busy, a simple ‘hello’ is the best therapy for grand parent.

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